Hello! Welcome to my first blog post! I've jumped on the blog bandwagon and no better day to start than January 1st :)  I actually blogged here and there a few years ago - mainly personal stuff that only my family read - when blogging was just becoming a "thing."  I would read all of my favorite blogs daily (most of them design related) and with so much inspiration out there, I was in awe.  There is no doubt that my passion for residential interiors grew from everything I saw and read.  Now, after years in the industry, I want to share my experience in hopes of making design and a beautiful aesthetic more accessible to everyone who reads.

Somehow, I always knew I wanted to be an Interior Designer, but I figured out fast as I completed a degree in Interior Design, that I really didn't know what that meant.  School was a funny combination of "art school" and commercial design, where we focused heavily on concepts and artistry with equal combinations of technical skills like Auto Cad, space planning, and construction documents.  Did I learn anything about residential interiors? Nope.  OK, I did ;)  I can space plan, draw floor plans and elevations, am mindful of proportions and balance, etc, but we learned nothing about fabric, upholstery, working with clients, yardage estimation, budgets, pillow details and the list goes on.  I had to work that out on my own.

As an intern for an architecture firm during my senior year, I drew up construction documents for an airport and a government medical facility.  I learned a ton, but more importantly, I figured out that I just wanted to do residential work.  After my husband's job brought us North to DC, I started working for a local, husband and wife-owned, home furnishings store called "The Nest Egg." I jumped in the deep end, head first, and have loved working with all of my clients, working with different styles and just growing as a design professional.  There is so much to learn and the industry is constantly changing. There's no science to this profession, so ultimately the fundamentals are key and the rest is learned through experience and just plain figuring it out.

So, that is my interior design background in a nutshell.  I have two precious little boys, Graham (3) and Gunnar (6 months).  My husband, Eddie, is basically my unpaid design assistant who I run everything by ;)  He has a great eye and is patient enough to let me talk his ear off about everything design related. He is going to be thankful for this blog as an outlet.

It's been a slow process getting this website into shape, but hopefully, I will have it fine tuned in the next couple of months, so check back to see new blog posts and new work!

- Rachael