On the brain: Patterned Carpets!

This post is the first installment of my "On the Brain" series, i.e., random posts of things I am loving and can't get out of my head! ;) Right now I am LOVING patterned wall to wall carpets. What comes to mind when you think about patterned wall-to-wall carpeting? For me, I think about commercial design such as hotels, libraries, airports, and offices. A lot of these spaces try to look cool and up-to-date, but really just need to hide dirt and jazz up an otherwise boring space on a tight budget. Grandma's house might have some patterned wall-to-wall, but many of those are out-dated, floral, or just too traditional and formal.

There are some fun geometric patterns out there that would look great in certain areas of your home (not all areas though!) like a bedroom, den, office, playroom, or a large closet.  A great solution that will make your space feel more cozy but still chic, and for a room where you might need new carpet but don't have hardwoods underneath!



Proceed with caution when using a patterned wall-to-wall though. The easiest way to incorporate the look is to use minimal patterns in the rest of the room. Choose one or two more patterns that have different scales and use them selectively. Basically, this type of carpeting is the focal point. Mixing and matching many patterns will create a more eclectic, "funky" room, but all still needs to be carefully thought out to achieve the right balance.

NOTE: You can still use this type of carpet and it not be the focal point by choosing one that is lighter in color, or more tonal with less contrast.

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The reason I can't get this off my mind? We've been looking for a new-to-us home recently, and I have been loving older homes with charming bonus rooms, or full-size attics, or whatever I can deem a "playroom".  After seeing this blue plaid carpet (below) in a showroom a few months ago, it first popped into my mind when I started to see these cool spaces. No worries of spilled drinks, or chocolately hands, and with just a few other additions, it would be a place that I would want to hang out in too! Voila!

                                                                                                                         PLAID RUG  /  POUF  /  PENDANT  /  TEEPEE


                                                          PLAID RUG / POUF / PENDANT / TEEPEE