Our Modern Cottage

A few months ago we moved from our small condo to a 1970's contemporary home that needs quite a few updates. Aside from building a farmhouse out in the country or a beach home, renovating has been my dream. We looked at quite a few homes that needed to be renovated immediately but we didn't have the cash and the time to dive into a project that big. So, this home was appealing because though everything needs to be updated, it's currently livable; we can put our mark on it as we have the funds and time. I say that very nonchalantly but I have realized I am not very patient and it's very hard for me to "sit" on an idea ;). But, on a positive note, waiting lets you figure out how you really want things done and prevents some possible expensive mistakes.

                                                                   A picture from the real estate listing.

                                                                   A picture from the real estate listing.

This house is a contemporary style home but also has a cottage feel, so I'm excited to play both of those aspects up, using timeless elements throughout the house but keeping it fun and fresh. I'm calling it our "modern cottage. " :) Here's some pictures of the entryway, small part of the kitchen, and bedroom hallway. Are you scared for me? ;) I ask everyone that when they come over, but honestly I'm not scared. And please excuse Sylvester, our cat, his lion toy and our pantry door that had fallen off.  It gets real here, folks. ;)

Before we could do anything in the upstairs, we needed to get the basic footprint of the house down, which meant moving the back wall of our closet and moving it in towards the kitchen so we could create a walk-in closet and plan for the future kitchen renovation (which is going to be a tad bit smaller but way more efficient!). We also had some, ah hem, beautiful etched glass windows on two interior walls and outdated track lighting in the hallway, so we removed all of that. The etched glass let lots of light into the bedroom areas but frankly was just ugly and really unnerving at night...you can see into the master bedroom from the front door.

And...here it is now in it's finished/unfinished state. Still some painting to do and waiting on lights to come in (so excited about these) that will go in the hallway to replace the track lighting, but love that it already feels much more of a clean slate. We have lots of work to do as you can see in the entry (refinishing the banister, new floors, lighting, new front door, etc) but those will all come in another phase.

Just pretend that I have some pretty art and lighting ;)

Currently, we are finishing the inside of the closet and I am so excited about it. It's the nicest part of our house! Hopefully it will be done soon (carpet still needs to go in) and I will be back to share the big reveal! :) Here's a little sneak peak. Happy Friday friends!