Bright and Cheerful

This room was originally a guest room that needed to now function as a "big boy" room, so I combined elements that were already in place (bed, sheets, swing arm lamps, shades and curtains) and brought along some of the main elements that were in the nursery (artwork, oversized pillows) and just amped up the volume a bit to match the little boy's big personality ;) It's bright, cheerful, and has all of the little's favorites on display.

Overall the room is a mix of high and low...Ikea curtains, shades from Lowes, Ikea dressers and desk, mixed with custom pillows, vintage art custom framed, etc. 

All of the artwork came over from the nursery. It's a mix of Etsy art in Target frames, vintage prints custom framed, and there is a print from West Elm in there too. It's a great focal point and also helps balance the heavy dressers and bed on the opposite side of the room.

The dresser is Ikea and stores all sorts of random toys, games, paper, stickers and coloring books. There's room to grow too as the he grows and his needs for this change. The chair pulls in the orange red of the euro pillows and helps keep it bright and fun with an old school feel. 

Books are a GREAT way to inject color, pattern, and interest in a room...any room. They are an accessory and I remind my clients whether the room needs more or less color, we can help achieve the end result with books and additional accessories . In this room, they are sort of a focal point, but were really important for the little book lover so he can see his favorites and choose one before bed. 

Ikea dressers are jazzed up with some playful hardware and store clothes and toys toys toys. You cannot have enough toy storage and we used every inch of this room to hold as much as we could. 

Pattern play also helps achieve a bright and cheerful look in this room, but it's grounded with solids, textures and basic elements that the child can grow with.