Fall Favorites!

I'm pretty much ignoring the fact that is was 95 degrees a couple of days ago here in Northern Virginia, and going to just dive right into fall. I'm loving these crisp, cool mornings, starting to think about cozy-ing up the house a bit, and cannot wait to use our fireplace for the first time. I even made a batch of my favorite - pumpkin chocolate chip cookies yesterday :)

Below is a roundup of some items for you and your home that will be sure to make it feel like fall without much effort. 

  1. The Girl on the Train- I'm sure I'm the last person to read this book, but everyone is talking about it and says it is a must read!
  2. Chelsea boots- Freshen up the wardrobe with these classics
  3. Because of an Acorn- Beautiful illustrations and message for the little's
  4. Firewood bag- I could totally see my son taking on the chore of getting the firewood from the pile with this fun bag while I stay warm inside ;) 
  5. Scarf- Perfectly lightweight to move into fall weather and you can't go wrong with plaid.
  6. Ombre throw- Blankets are a great way to make a room feel more cozy, and these ombre ones don't require a total commitment to a particular color scheme.
  7. Wool pillows- Changing out your pillows is an easy way to move from season to season (I'm sure you've all heard that a time or two). These are cozy, sophisticated, and should work with all types of decor and colors!
  8. Leopard phone case- Animal print is the perfect accent for fall!
  9. Diptique hazelnut candle- My favorite way to get into the new season is to start burning a new candle!

Organize It!

I regularly organize around our house. It gets harder and harder as the kids acquire more "stuff" and we live in a small space to boot. However, I enjoy getting rid of things we don't use, having everything in it's place, and a place for everything. It feels good and satisfies my OCD tendency :) And is super easy to clean up if you know where it all goes.

No better time to check this off the list than the start of a New Year. Here's a round-up of some easy solutions to corral and organize your "stuff" in all areas of your home!